Considering sustainability

As we are looking at potential sites for the store, my mind has been flying in every direction trying to think of all of the possible amenities and layouts that Terre Foods could offer its member-owners and the community.

My initial thoughts were of sustainable construction practices. Then on to sustainable building systems. Then on to sustainable grocer practices.

In the entanglement of sustainability thoughts, I paused (but only slightly) to consider if the store should implement sustainable procedures and systems. My brain quickly smacked itself back to reality and remembered about an article written by Brandon Boyd called “sustainability is not a four letter word, it’s a fourteen letter word“. It’s definitely an ‘if not now, when?’ kind of message stating that we should embrace the concept of sustainability in all we do and to remember the bigger picture of the impact humans have on the earth.

Really, humans are not killing the earth. Humans are killing future generations of humans. The earth will rebound from every drop of manmade structure. Ever notice how destructive a plant in a sidewalk crack can be? Multiply that by a few thousand years and voila, earth has just hit the undo button from any human development.


plastic floating in the ocean by Brandon Boyd

But why wait around to see that happen when we could choose to be smarter people right now, living through the concept of sustainability?

Something like any random square mile of ocean has nearly 50,000 pieces of plastic floating in it. What does that mean in regards to sustainability? It means that we need to be more conscious of consuming plastic. Grocery stores contain a lot of plastic. I would like to think Terre Foods could set some high standards to reduce the amount of plastics that come in and out of the store. How hard is it really to bring your own reusable grocery bag?

There is even a system available called an electrolyzed water system that can clean and sanitize any surface without the use of chemicals. It just changes the pH levels of water to do the job and it is completely safe for the environment. Just think of the impacts, or lack thereof, that an institution like Terre Foods can have by not putting chemicals into the earth. And how many less plastic bottles will not be needed to hold those unused chemicals!

When the history board is written for Terre Foods, it will state that the co-op was formed to fill a gap in the natural and whole foods market in the Terre Haute community. But, we have another chance to raise the bar. Let’s make history more robust and create something awesome that this community has never seen before through sustainable systems in a grocery store!

Needless to say, I am super excited about this project and can’t wait to show this community what it’s missing in more ways than just good food-

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